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door strip bottom
Xeno Auto Door Bottom Seal
Xeal Auto Door Bottom Seal is expertly designed for compatibility with the most frequently used doors in Singapore, offering an ideal solution for top-tier protection, regardless of your residence’s architectural style. 
commercial door viewer

The X1, Digital Door Viewer is a testament to our unwavering commitment to enhancing security while embracing the convenience of modern living. Xeno empowers users to interact with visitors remotely, granting them full control over their property’s security.

door locks with fingerprint readers
Alexi Digital Door Lock
The Alexi Digital Door Lock is a modern and secure access control system designed for residential and commercial applications. It utilizes digital technology to provide keyless entry, offering convenience and enhanced security.
electronic laundry hangers
Xeno Laundry Hanger

The XENO Laundry Hanger is designed to maximize space and keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free. Its compact and sturdy design makes it an ideal addition to any home, ensuring a more efficient laundry routine.