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Schedule a slot with our in-house installation expert for a swift and efficient setup.

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Enjoy direct cost savings with no markup fees or additional transactional costs. We pass these savings directly on to you!

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Benefit from direct local warranty coverage, eliminating the inconvenience of being redirected to overseas customer support.

Precision Sensors for Swift Unlocking

Unlock in an Instant

In Singapore’s sweltering heat, every moment counts. We understand the urgency of getting inside quickly. Alexi ensures your door unlocks at an incredible speed of 0.3 seconds. Thanks to advanced programming, the 3D fingerprint scanner becomes even faster with frequent use.

Corrosion-Resistant Design

Crafted for Singapore's Climate

Given Singapore’s humid climate, metal corrosion and paint deterioration are common challenges. Alexi employs anti-rust materials that not only prevent corrosion but also shield against moisture, ensuring the lock maintains its luster for an extended period.


Tuya Mobile App

Remote Access and Control

The Tuya app allows users to unlock their
Alexi digital lock remotely. Whether you’re at work,
on vacation, or anywhere with an internet connection, you can manage access to your property from your smartphone.

Convenient Keyless Entry

No need to carry physical keys. With the Tuya app, your smartphone becomes the key. This adds convenience and reduces the risk of losing keys.

Battery insight

Stay informed about battery levels to ensure consistent security.


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Best Fire Rated Digital Door Lock in Singapore: Your Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Security

Elevate the security of your home in Singapore, especially when considering the necessity of fire-rated options, with our comprehensive guide on selecting the best HDB digital door lock. Navigate through the evolving landscape of home security with insights into the most advanced smart lock technologies, including those specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of fire safety. Discover how integrating a smart lock can transform your home’s safety and convenience, providing the perfect blend of innovation, peace of mind, and compliance with Singapore’s stringent fire safety regulations

Revolutionize your home’s entry system by adopting the latest in smart lock technology. Move beyond traditional locks to discover the dynamic features smart locks offer, from remote access to enhanced security protocols, including options that are specially designed to be fire-rated, ensuring they help maintain the integrity of your home’s fire safety measures in Singapore.

Smart door locks are generally considered secure in Singapore, leveraging advanced encryption and authentication methods. They offer convenience through mobile app control and monitoring, enhancing home security against traditional lock vulnerabilities.

Embark on a journey to find the ultimate smart lock with our curated selection of the market’s leading options, including those that meet the fire safety standards required in Singapore. Our guide meticulously reviews their cutting-edge features, advantages, and how they align with your security expectations, focusing on their performance during fire emergencies.

Fire-rated digital locks are priced no more expensively than standard locks, considering the materials, testing, and certification required for fire safety standards.

Fire-rated digital locks can withstand fire and heat for varying durations, typically ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on their certification and rating. They undergo stringent testing to ensure they meet fire safety standards under intense heat conditions. For precise information on the fire resistance duration, refer to the lock’s certification and specifications.


A face recognition door lock system uses facial recognition technology to grant access. It scans and identifies authorized individuals based on facial features for secure entry into buildings or rooms.

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