Warranty Registration

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You are required to fill in within 7 days
after your installation, to register your
product warranty.

Terms of the General Xeno Product Warranty

Products made by Xeno are covered by a 12-months(Eye Viewer)/24-month(Digital lock) warranty that addresses material and workmanship flaws as well as repairs and servicing.

Please be aware that this warranty, offered by Xeno, is only applicable to manufacturer faults for products used and acquired within Xeno’s service region.

Only products delivered through approved Xeno dealers are covered by the guarantee.

Only Xeno’s experts or dealers who have been approved by Xeno are permitted to offer warranty and repair services.

Customers must register their Xeno product on our website within one week after the installation date in order to take advantage of the warranty. Warranty claims cannot be made until this is done.

Please be advised that servicing fees can apply even during the warranty term, depending on the specific circumstances.
The following situations are not covered by the guarantee, but they are not exclusive to:-
If the goods or its accessories are not paid for in full, the warranty will not be valid.

  • Indicators of product abuse or misuse, include extensive cleaning, scratching, or overloading.
  • Failure to maintain backup keys accessible as directed or improper use of the equipment in accordance with Xeno’s recommendations.
  • Under the terms of this warranty, Xeno shall be in charge of fixing or replacing any damaged goods. Any loss, personal injury, property damage, incidental, contingent, special, direct/indirect loss, and consequential damages—including losses brought on by waiting for replacement parts or service delays—are not covered by this guarantee.
  • Equipment that has been serviced, modified, or taken apart by anybody other than Xeno technicians or workers from Xeno dealers with authorization.
  • Unexpected voltage swings, erratic energy sources, or battery leaks as sources of defects.
  • Defects brought on by lightning strikes, fires, explosions, power surges, carelessness, mishaps, natural calamities, or improper installation and use that deviates from recommendations.
  • Any damage not brought on by defects in manufacture.
  • Any damage brought on by faulty installation, maintenance, or transportation.
  • Product component misplacement, including losing digital lock emergency backup keys.
  • Not installed in line with manufacturer-provided security, maintenance, and operation instructions, as suggested by Xeno’s personnel or authorized dealers.
  • Defects brought on by insects like cockroaches, mice, and lizards, among others.
  • Defects brought on by chemical reactions, detergents, product residues (lime), high temperatures, a lot of dust, or corrosive settings like farms or cement industries.
  • Components, including accessories, that deteriorate naturally with regular usage.

For troubleshooting and replacement, clients must bring all Xeno accessories—remotes, modules, RFID tags, and RFID stickers—to Xeno’s headquarters.
In cases where the device is put in hazardous or inaccessible areas, Xeno has the right to reject warranty claims or impose additional expenses.
Regarding the origin of flaws, losses, or product damage, Xeno’s determination is final.
The conditions of this warranty may not be altered or extended by authorized Xeno dealers or personnel.
Personal injury, property damage, and consequential losses resulting from the purchase or sale are not covered by this warranty.
Xeno may reject warranty claims if the conditions are not met.